Venue Committee

Standing Row

  • Ravi Doppalapudi
  • Mahesh Mavuluri
  • Sai Prasad Jammalamadaka
  • Kiran Duggirala
  • Suresh Kakumanu
  • Naveen Prathipati
  • Nikhil Nekkalapu
  • Raghava Reddy Karumudi

Sitting Row

  • Koti Reddy Burla
  • Srinivas Kompella
  • Sai Prasad Jammalamadaka
  • Sivaram Yarlagadda
  • Vijay Marupudi
  • Subratha Gaddam
  • Sagar Maramreddy

TANA Venue Committee will be providing optimal support working effectively, efficiently and fairly to ensure smooth operations during the entire duration of the TANA convention. One of the key priorities for the committee includes maintaining effective relationships with venue contacts and other committee members operating within the Cobo Center in the beautifully transformed Detroit.

The three focus areas for the venue committee will be: Time, Quality and Ease of Use. The venue committee will ensure that all programs and events are evenly placed across all the rooms and halls within the convention center. Basic necessities will be provided along with quality support with timeliness as a chief factor. There are 50 rooms in the convention center that can accommodate 45 programs simultaneously. Main auditorium, exhibits hall and dining hall hold 10,000 people each. There are 4 ball rooms that can accommodate 1000 plus people and a huge banquet hall. This involves a huge effort from the team to support and assist several individuals owning several responsibilities. The committee will establish contact with facilitators of approved programs or their group representatives in order to assess specific venue needs for each approved event.

Each volunteer in the committee supervises 5 to 8 rooms during the conference and coordinates with various other committees to assist them with their respective customized requirements. The committee will develop an effective system for tracking, maintaining ongoing communications, and improving relationships with venue contacts and other committee leads. All this in a beautiful massive space that has cutting edge technology and surrounding nature that makes for a spectacular view.

Sounds super exciting? Well, then take a panoramic look at what Cobo Center has to offer:

THE TEAM: All of the above tasks are in safe hands of the Venue Committee team lead Sivaram Yarlagadda, Co-chairs Srinivas Kompella, Vijay Marupudi and Koti Reddy Burla with advice and support of Sagar Maramreddy.

Other crucial volunteers who are going beyond their call of duty include: Kiran Duggirala and Ravi Doppalapudi, ably supported by Sai Prasad Jammalamadaka, Subratha Gaddam, Mahesh Mavuluri, Naveen Prathipati, Raghava Reddy Karumudi, Rama Maddipati and Nikhil Chakradhar.







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