Command & Control Committee


Standing Row

  • Sharat Mandava
  • Srikanth Chava
  • Murali Sayali
  • Vamsi Putumbaka

Sitting Row

  • Satish
  • Ramu Putumbaka
  • Sreenivas Munnangi

The purpose of this committee is to provide operational guidance to all committees in executing and meeting TANA 2015 conference requirements.

What services do we provide?

Think of us as your 911 service during the conference. Reach us

  • If you are not getting required help/service from other committees
  • If you don’t know which committee to reach to solve your issue during conference
  • If things are not working out as planned and need help/guidance in executing during conference
  • If you need help with vendors, partners or exhibitors
  • We will be working closely with Program and Events committee and will be helping them with execution as needed.
  • Lost/found

How to reach us?

All our committee members will have walkie-talkies and will be available on a particular channel which will be published as we get closer to the conference.

What else we do?

  • We will be working closely with Programs and Events committee with execution of the conference and helping as needed
  • We will have access to all areas during conference and help wherever needed.


"to identify and address the social, educational and cultural needs of North American Telugu Community in particular and
Telugu people everywhere in general".